Air Conditioning Service

Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Services are performed by Alabama Auto Repair


Alabama Auto Repair of Madison provides excellent auto air conditioning service on most vehicle makes/models/manufacturers for the North Alabama (Huntsville) Market

Air Conditioning (A/C) in your vehicle (car, truck, SUV or van) is simply the process of removing heat from matter. All matter above the temperature of 459 degrees F contains energy in the form of heat. Heat always moves from hot to cold.

The function of the air conditioning system in your vehicle is to improve upon the efficiency of this process of moving heat. To accomplish this, the A/C system uses three methods of removing heat from your vehicle: Radiant, Conduction and Convection.

How does this work?

• The heat in your vehicle is blown across the evaporator coils using convection;
•The heat is absorbed into the cool refrigerant (Freon, R-134A, etc.) inside the coils using conduction;
•The refrigerant moves the heat to the condenser using convection;
•This heat is absorbed into the condenser fins using conduction;
•The heat then transfers back into the atmosphere using radiation;

The other important components include the regulation of humidity and understanding how air movement affects our comfort. Therefore, in order for your air conditioning system to be most effective it must do the following three things:

• Remove heat from the interior of the vehicle;
•Remove moisture from the interior of the vehicle;
•Provide movement of air in the interior of the vehicle.

Parts & Labor Warranty

Alabama Auto Repair provides a 12 month / 12,000-mile (whichever comes first) warranty on all parts and labor at no additional cost to the customer. The parts we install also carry a manufacturer’s warranty.